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what are rolling shutter doors and how many kinds of roller shutter doors are there in the market ?

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Author : Starking Nie
Update time : 2020-06-09 11:10:17
What are roller shutter doors?

Roller shutter doors (or rolling shutter doors) are doors consisted of many individual interlocking steel or aluminum or polycarbonate horizontal slats and operated up or down by rolling the slats around the shaft on the top directly with the help of either manual spring system or automatic roller shutter motor (or both) and guides on both sides to hold the curtain secure in place.

Roller shutter doors are widely used for either residential, commercial or industrial applications where need security as well as other requirements. Always made to measure and provided in almost any color, you will enjoy lots of benefits by using it.

Normally roller shutter doors include the following components:
  • Door curtain
  • Bottom rail
  • Guide rail (channel)
  • Shaft (barrel)
  • Side plates (brackets)
  • Drive system (either manual system or automatic system)
  • Optional (shutter box, Mullion, color, safety sensor, etc)

Here below is one of our drawing for galvanized steel roller shutter doors (automatic, side motor) for your review
drawing for galvanized steel roller shutter door

How many kinds of roller shutter doors are there in the market? 
There are several types of roller shutter doors in the market:
  • Aluminum roller shutter door
  • Galvanized steel roller shutter door
  • Stainless steel roller shutter door
  • Transparent polycarbonate roller shutter door
  • Rolling grilles shutter
  • Corrugated roller shutter door
  • High speed roller shutter door
  • Fire rated roller shutter door
  • Windproof roller shutter door
  • And more

Here below is one of our project photo of galvanized steel rolling shutter doors for your review:
project photo for galvanized steel roller shutter door

For any further details on any type of roller shutter door, kindly speak to Starking Shutter Manufacturer limited on (0086-20-39010223) or email us sales@starkingshutter.com 

We specialize in commercial security roller shutter doors and will certainly ensure you get the right roller shutter doors for you.