Windproof industrial steel rolling shutter door

In areas where big wind or storms (typhoon, hurricane, cyclone) is a constant issue or happens from time to time, we offer our windproof steel rolling shutters as solution, suitable for applications in residential, commercial or industrial situations.

NOTE: We are pround to announce that our winproof steel rolling shutter has been tested by SGS, and the testing result is P=1.691 kPa (about 15 stage Typhoon), with NO funtional abstacle or damage.


Wind Resistant Steel Rolling Shutter Doors, made by STARKING SHUTTER MANUFACTURER LIMITED are designed for large openings (up to 12 metres) and to withstand even strong winds.


Windproof rolling shutter is made up by wind resistant shutter slats, fixed with wind resistant end locks and windproof guide rail, door-opening drive mechanism and other components. On both ends of the shutter curtain installs windproof end clips The windproof end clips operates in the windproof rail in the process of opening or closing;it holds on to the shutter curtain to prevent the shutter curtain from derailing and play a role of resistance to Wind in the event of wind load. 



  • Industrial factory / warehouse/ plants / workshops
  • Airport terminals
  • Coastal openings
  • Any places where there is a risk of high winds



Wind Resistant Galvanized Steel Rolling Shutter Door have the advantages:


♦  Wind resistant. our wind resistant industrial steel rolling shutters have been tested to withstand typhoon or hurricane up to 37 m/s
♦  Security
♦  Strong and durable. Slats thickness options: 1mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm
♦  Cost effective. Compared to other types of roller shutter doors, galvanized steel roller shutter is  too much cheaper. 


Below are some photos from our clients who ordered Windproof Galvanized Steel Rolling Shutter:

windproof wind resistant industrial roller shutter door


Wind resistant guide rail

windproof steel guide rail track


windproof end locks
wind resistant end clips end cover end cap


Curtain with windproof end locks

hurricane protection steel rolling shutters assembly


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