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Aluminum grilles

Side folding security grilles shutter | Security closures manufacturer in China

lateral sliding aluminum grilles shutter door is designed for applications where there are no headroom and big size curved opening, such as shopping mall, airport, showroom, bank, bar, stores, etc.

New Design products ! 

We design and produce this Lateral motorzied security side folding aluminum grilles shutter door for our clients in Gulf area, which are used for Metro stations. 


In area where there is big opening & curved opening, not just need security, as well as ventilation, we offer our new design motorized automatic lateral aluminum grilles shutters as solution, suitable for applications in commercial or industrial situations.



  • Up to 40 meters width, No matter it's straight opening and curved opening.
  • Little headroom required. 50 mm headroom will be enough. 
  • Excellent visibility, as transparent as glass
  • High impact resistance, as strong as steel
  • Burg-proof, won't break under normal use
  • Anti-UV, 20 years warranty for outdoor service life and 30 years for indoor life. 
  • Electrically operated by remote control or switch button


Side folding security grilles shutter

Side folding security grilles & closures


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