Shop rolling shutter | Shop roller shutter door

It will be a perfect choice for the shopfronts, storefronts where need security as well as transparency.
  • Max width12,000 mm
  • Max height9,000 mm
  • Colortransparent for polycarbonate slat and silver for aluminum parts
  • Thickness3.0 mm and 2.3 mm
  • Packagewooden box for LCL, carton paper with foam for FCL
  • Warranty5 years for motor and 10 years for roller shutter door
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    Shop rolling shutter | Shop roller shutter door | PC300 Model


    "As clear as glass, as strong as steel" is the one sentence description for our PC300 model polycarbonate rolling shutters. It will be a perfect choice for the shopfronts, storefronts where need security as well as transparency. 

    • commercial shops in shopping center
    • Brand retail stores in airport
    • Shops in anywhere

    PC300 model polycarbonate rolling shutter door has many benefits as following:
    • excellent visibility: 80-90% transparency
    • safety and security: The Impact resistance performance of  polycarbonate is 200 times stronger as ordinary glass, 30 times as organic glass.
    • UV protection: Can effectively cut off 80% of the sun's ultraviolet
    • Weather resistance:Still keep the physical indicatiors stability  in the range of -40 to 120℃,Outdoor service life of 20 years, indoor life to 30 years.
    • energy saving
    • Sound insulation: 3-4DB better than glass
    • Heat insulation: 10 times better than ordinary glass
    • Advertising effect: 24 hours / 7 days 
    • Environment-friendly: Comply with ROHS, the PC could be recycled. 
    • Fire retardant and self extinguishing: V0 (with SGS report)
    • Warranty: 5 years !

    Project photo:
    shop rolling shutters


    Item number Max width Max height Color Operation way Options
    PC300 12,000 mm 9,000 mm transparent manual operation, motorized operation shutter box, safety sensor, UPS, safety brake, video  surveillance

    Curtain:The rolling shutter itself consists of horizontal strips of virtually unbreakable crystal clear polycarbonate,
    inserted by stainless steel tubes, with plastic end clips/cover fixed on both sides to prevent the curtain from lateral

    We offer a variety of polycarboante panels, such as 300*115*3 mm, Width*height*thickness, 300*115*2.3 mm,
    Width*height*thickness. Actually we can custom made any design as your requirement with our CNC machine.

    Bottom rail: extruded aluminum profiles, with rubber weather seal to stop the dust, rain, insects going inside.

    Guide rail: custom design extruded aluminum profiles, with brush strips to make the curtain runs more quietly
    and smoothly. 

    Shaft / Axle: made of galvanized steel, not iron with painting, to make it good looking and prevent the shaft from
    getting rust. 

    Operation way: manual operation by hand or hook (push up & push down), automatic operation with motor
    (remote controls, switch button).

    It is not accident that we can see more and more this transparent polycarboante rolling shutter products. 

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