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Security Grilles

Aluminum side folding grilles & closures

Our aluminum side folding grilles & closures is an attractive option as it can easily fold back out of view, leaving a clean and unobstructed space.
Product parameters
Max width: 45 meters
Max height: 5 meters
Color: Any RAL color by powder coating
Panel width: 200mm, 250mm, 300 mm
Pocket width: Normally it's 10% of the curtain width
Operation way: Manual operation, stacking to one side or bid-folding


The aluminum side folding grilles & closures is robust and security, yet together with airflow and visibility.
It can be easily fold back out of view, leaving an unobstructed opening. In addition, this model requires no headroom or floor track and can accommodate any curved layout with our custom made radius options.


Aluminum side folding grilles & closures, manufactured by starking shutter manfuactuer limtied, are widely used for enclosed retails and public environments. For example: shopping malls, airport shops, superstores, counter top & bar, bank lobbies & ATM areas, kiosks railway stations, museums, schools, and public buildings. In fact, wherever people and space need to be separated by a simple, secure screen system.



  • Flexibility. Even a lady can open and close the door smoothly by hand.
  • No headroom or floor track. 
  • Only manual operation. There is no need costly motor and you don't have to worry about power failure
  • Low maintenance. Without any scheduled maintenance or service requirements.
  • Security: With the strength of aluminum robs and links, together with the bolts fixed inside the floor, it's extremely secure.
  • Ventilation. Airflow is available due to the grilles model design.
  • Visitiblity: The closure offer excellent visibility for your business or merchandising.



Aluminum side folding grilles and closures



The curtain is constructed of (200mm, 250mm, 300mm) spacing linked together by a continuous aluminum hinge.

aluminum side folding grilles & closures door curtain

Locking system:

cylinder lock will be fixed on lock post, could be open/close from both inside and outside. 


Top tracks: 

Curtain shall be hung from an top track, for straight opening, we uae aluminum track, for curved opening, we will use steel track.


Only 50mm headroom is needed for the top track and the top track could be consealed in the wall, in addition, there are no floor tracks. There are no removable mullions or posts to contend with because all the lock members and other components are integral.



The panels will be folded into the stacking pocket area when the door is fully open. 90 degree pocket is available if needed. 

aluminum side folding grilles & closures pocket                             


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