Rolling garage doors | Roller garage doors | aluminum roller shutter

  • Max height7000
  • Max width7000
  • thickness1.0mm,1.2mm
  • colorwhite/ cream as standard, other RAL color available if required
  • materialaluminum alloy
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    Rolling garage doors | Roller garage doors | aluminum garage door | Model SA80-2


    Aluminum is a perfect material for garage door, because it never get rusty. Our aluminum roller garage door are designed for residential garages, any color is available by powder coating.


    Consisted of interlockig aluminum alloy slats, with plastic end clips on both sides of curtain to prevent lateral movement, our aluminum roller shutter garage door is designed and widely used for residential garages

    ♦ Afforable, single layer aluminum roller shitter garage door are less material required, so the price is less that double layer aluminum roller shutter garage door.
    ♦Long service life. Aluminum roller shutter garage door is made of extruded aluminum slats, which makes the roller shutter door rust proof, anti-corrosion, and long life service.
    ♦Noiseless. The noise level is around GB/TI6730,Rw=20dB only, because we put special long service life rubber tape in between the aluminum roller shutter door slats for noise reduction. In the mean time, rubber tape could make the door runs more smoothly.
    ♦Lightweight. Aluminum roller shutter garage doors are only 40% weight compared to same size galvanized steel rolling shutter doors.It is easier for transportation as well as installation.
    ♦Nice appearance. The aluminum roller shutter garage door could be powder coatet to any standard RAL color to meet your design requirement to match the surroundings.
    Security / burglarproof. Our aluminum rolling shutter garage door slats are made of 6063 aluminum ingot to ensure the door in high impact grade and durable.

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    Item number Max width Max height Color Operation way Options
    SA80-2 7,000 mm 7,000 mm any RAL color by powder coating manual operation, motorized operation shutter box, safety sensor, UPS, safety brake, video  surveillance

    Curtain:The rolling garage door curtain itself consists of Consisted of solid interlockig single layer Aluminum slats, with plastic 
    end clips on both sides of curtain to prevent lateral movement. 
    Thickness option: 1 mm,1.2mm

    Bottom rail: 
    ♦Material: Aluminum alloy
    ♦With plastic end caps on both sides
    ♦Dimension:40*90mm, Depth*Height

    Guide rail: 
    ♦Material: Aluminum alloy
    ♦Thickness available: 2.5mm

    Shaft / Axle: 
    ♦Material: galvanized steel
    ♦Diameter:5 inches(side motor), 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches
    ♦Wall thickness: 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm

    Mullions: Removable center mullions are available on requiest for applications were shutter opening
    can not be covered by one shutter door. 

    Side plates / brackets
    ♦The brackets are manufactured from mild steel and supplied in premed finish
    ♦The brackets can only be installed on a structural fixing surface such as concete, steel columns, steel
    angles are normally used to supported the brackets if needed
    ♦With plates slotted to accommodate shaft or motor mounting. 

    Operation way: 
    ♦Manual operation by hand or hook (push up & push down)
    ♦Automatic operation with motor(remote controls, switch button)

    ♦Shutter box / hood cover
    ♦Perforated slats, punched slats are available if needed
    ♦Wicket door

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