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Amazing ! Our polycarbonate has passed UL fire retardant test

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Update time : 2019-06-19 11:56:23

Amazing !!!

We are excited and pround to announce that our polycarbonate used for making polycarbonate 
slats has passed the fire retardant test and the result turned out to be V0 (the best performance).
The Test company: SGS
The Test standard: UL 94-2013 Rev.8-2017
Test result: V0 (the best performance)

We truely understand that fire proof roller shutter will play a vital role in case of a fire in commercial shopping mall, with the increase requirement from our clients and the effort we have done, we have sucessfully make our polycarboante roller shutter to be fire retardant.

Here below are the benefits of fire proof transparent polycarbonate roll up shutter door:
1, It's very difficult for the door to get on fire
2, Even when the door is on fire, there is very little fire frame and the fire will automatically self-extinguishing within few seconds
3, In addition, the fire will not spead to other items nearby

Just feel free to contact us with any further details.