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What benefits we can get from transparent polycarbonate rolling shutter doors?

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Author : Starking Nie
Update time : 2020-06-25 16:59:40
What benefits we can get from transparent polycarbonate rolling shutter doors?

What benefits we can get from transparent polycarbonate rolling shutter doors
Transparent polycarbonate rolling shutter doors are specially designed and manufactured mainly for commercial
applications where need security as well as transparency, such as shopfronts, storefronts, showrooms, banks,
and so on.

Polycarbonate is an incredibly useful plastic for applications requiring transparency and high impact resistance.
They are not only designed to provide protection and security to your business, they are also designed to offer
ultimate excellent visibility.

"As clear as glass, as strong as steel" is always the one sentence which we use to descript polycarbonate rolling
shutter door. 

Listed below are the benefits that we can get from transparent polycarbonate rolling shutter doors:
1, Excellent Visibility: Polycarbonate (PC) plastics are a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic, as a
naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic, the pliability of the material arrows around 80-90% transparency,
In addition, the raw material polycarbonate allows for the internal transmission of light nearly in the same capacity
as glass. With the excellent visibility, no matter you are a business owner or designer, you can always benefit from it.

transparent polycarbonate rolling shutter doors

2, Safety and Security: Safety and security are always the most important factors when choosing a roller shutter
door. When talking about polycarbonate roller shutter door, many people think it's weak and easy to break in. It's
true that it looks like glass, which is transparent and easy to break, however, the Impact resistance performance of polycarbonate is 200 times stronger as ordinary glass, 30 times as organic glass, this physical characteristics
makes the polycarbonate roller shutter door extremely strong, it won’t be cracked or break under normal attack or
stealing tools.

The following diagram shows the relative impact strength of Polycarbonate when compared to the impact strength
of other commonly used plastics such as ABS, Polystyrene (PS), or Nylon.

diagram of impact strengh of different types of plastic
As we can see from the above diagram, PC has the best impact strength performance compared to other types of

3, Durability / Weather resistance: Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate
groups in their chemical structures.
Listed below are some parameters shows its durability and weatherability
* Lower working temperature: −40 °C (−40 °F)
* Upper working temperature: 115–130 °C (239–266 °F)
* Heat deflection temperature: 0.45 MPa: 140 °C (284 °F); 1.8 MPa: 128–138 °C (262–280 °F)
* Linear thermal expansion coefficient (α): 65–70 × 10−6/K
* Thermal conductivity (k) at 23 °C: 0.19–0.22 W/(m·K)
* Thermal diffusivity (a) at 25 °C: 0.144 mm²/s
In a word, the polycarbonate still keep the physical indicators stability in the range of -40 to 130, the outdoor
service life is around 20 years, and the indoor life is around 30 years.

4, Flexibility: Another feature of polycarbonate is that it is very pliable (Flexural Strength: 93 MPa (13500 PSI)).
It can typically be formed at room temperature without cracking or breaking, similar to aluminum sheet metal.
The “thermoplastic” part refers to the nature of polycarbonate and other similar plastics to become liquid at their
melting point, which allows, among other things, for easy injection molding and recycling. Instead of burning,
thermoplastics like Polycarbonate liquefy, which allows them to be easily 
injection molded and then subsequently
As we all know that the curtain will rolling around the top shaft when the polycarbonate rolling shutter door is fully
open, due to the flexibility of the polycarbonate, the polycarbonate curtain won’t be cracked or broken, at the same
time, it will not out of shape when the door is fully closed.

flexibility of polycarbonate rolling shutter slats 
5, UV protection: Can effectively cut off 80% of the sun's ultraviolet, it’s an optional choice. If case your roller
shutter door is to be fixed outdoor, Anti-UV polycarbonate rolling shutter is necessary.

polycarbonate roller shutter door slats
6, Energy saving: The polycarbonate roller shutter door has the function of prevent the heating from outside
coming inside the indoor, as well as a barrier to prevent the indoor energy coming outside especially when using
air condition. The heat insulation is 10 times better than ordinary glass Many manufacturers take the advantages
of this feature of polycarbonate to naturally light the interior. This reduces the usage of electrical lights as an
energy-efficient method.
7, Sound insulation: It’s 3-4DB better than glass, which always give you inner peace.
8, Advertising / display effect: With the benefit of its excellent visibility, you can enjoy 24 hours / 7 days display
effect, When you desire to shut the business for the day or for an extended period, this roller shutter door just says
no to would-be burglars and curiosity seekers, additionally, it keep showing your business due to its transparent curtain. 


9, Environment-friendly: Comply with ROHS, the PC could be 100% recycled.
10, Fire retardant and self-extinguishing: Polycarbonate also has very good heat resistance and can be
with flame retardant materials without significant material degradation. The melt temperature is 288-316 °C
(550-600 °F), we are proud to announce that our polycarbonate slats has successfully passed the fire retardant test
from SGS and the result turned out to be very great--V0. We believe this will be a value added factor.

Key features of V-0 fire retardant polycarbonate slats
1, It's very difficult for the door to get on fire
2, Even when the door is on fire, there is very little fire frame and the fire will automatically self-extinguishing within
few seconds
3, In addition, the fire will not be spread to other items nearby

11, Up to 12 meter width. Consisted of polycarbonate slats interlocked with stainless steel tubes or aluminum
tubes, the max width we can made for polycarbonate rolling shutter door is 12 meters, which could be satisfied
most of the openings. 


12, Easy to maintain. Cleaning the curtain is easy and straightforward. All you need is clean water, mild soap and
a soft cloth to clean the doors. You can use a duster or brush to dust off the dirt from the panels.

Whether you are a shop owner or the designer, we believe that transparent polycarbonate rolling shutter door will be a satisfied solution for you. 
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