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Can I get COVID-19 from a package or shipment delivered from China?

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Author : Starking Nie
Update time : 2020-03-21 10:55:37
The outbreak caused by novel coronavirus COVID-19 in China has received a huge amount of attention in the world. The overseas e-commerce industry has also been severely affected. Many overseas buyers, worried about being infected by the COVID-19, have rejected the packages shipped from China. While many others have sent E-mails asking the sellers whether their goods are affected by the COVID-19 or if it's safe to receive packages from China.

Can you get COVID-19 from receiving a package from China? The answer is No.

The below are from WHO:

The transmission of novel coronavirus requires such media as droplet, fecal-oral and contact. Even if your overseas package is sent by an infected person, the package itself is not a transmission medium, not to mention the virus just cannot survive in the long-distance shipment

There is no evidence from any previous outbreak that anyone has ever gotten infected from a package. 

Now the situation in China is under control while it's getting worse outside of China, let's hope for the best, together we will win the battle against the virus.