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Automatic aluminum shutter doors Chinese factory

Product parameters
Max height: 9000mm
Max width: 9000mm
thickness: 1.0mm,1.2mm
color: white/ cream as standard, other RAL color available if required
material: aluminum alloy
Aluminum rolling shutter China | rolling shutter manufacturer China | Model SA100

Secure your home or business in style with aesthetically pleasing Aluminium Roller Shutters, highly customisable to suit the specific needs and requirements of your premises.We can deliver higher security or insulated models as necessary to suit your particular needs.

Every aluminum roller shutter door is built to your required sizes and dimensions,this type of door is designed and widely used for industrial, commercial, residential applications as following:
♦  Reception counters
♦  commercial shop fronts
♦  garage
♦  Domestic properties
♦  and more

♦  Rust-proof. Aluminum roller shutter door is made of aluminum, which makes the door never rust, while normal galvanized steel roller shutter door is easy to get rusty.
♦  Noiseless. In between two aluminum slats, we put special long service life rubber for noise reduction. The rubber could also make the door runs more smoothly. The noise level is around GB/TI6730,Rw=20dB. 
♦   Lightweight. Compared to galvanized steel rolling shutter, it's lightweight, so it's easy for transportation as well as installation.
♦  Ventilation available. The aluminum slats are punched to offer ventilation. 
♦  Many color available.  The natural color, white, blue, green, cream, or any other RAL color by powder coating
♦  Easy to install

Project photo:
 SA 100 aluminum rolling shutter door


Item number Max width Max height Color Operation way Options
SA100 8,200 mm 8,200 mm any RAL color by powder coating manual operation, motorized operation shutter box, safety sensor, UPS, safety brake, video  surveillance

♦Material: double skinned aluminum extruded slat 
♦Size: 100 mm width (pitch heihgt) 
♦Thickness: 1.2mm / 1.0 mm
♦Color: standard color is white and cream. Any RAL color is available by powder coating at additional cost
Bottom rail: 
♦Material: aluminum
♦With rubber weather seal
♦Max length: 8.2meters   

Guide rail: 
♦Size: 95*39mm,Width*Depth
♦Thickness: 2.5 mm                                                                                 
♦With brush strip
♦Max length: 8.2 meters  
Shaft / Axle: 
♦Material: galvanized steel
♦Diameter:5 inches(side motor), 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches
♦Wall thickness: 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm

Operation way: 
♦Manual operation by hand or hook (push up & push down)
♦Automatic operation with motor(remote controls, switch button)

♦Shutter box / hood cover
♦Perforated slats, punched slats are available if needed
♦Wicket door

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