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automatic security exterior aluminum roller shutter door

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Update time : 2019-01-11 17:33:38
As one of the leading automatic roller shutter door manufacturer, we produce high quality security exterior aluminum roller shutter doors in affordable price.

Here below are some tips for choosing the right aluminum roller shutter doors:

1, Material will always be the key factor. We are using 6063 aluminum ingot as raw materials for our aluminum roller shutter doors, which can assure the hardness of the doors, otherwise, it might cause transformation.

2, Surface treatment. Normally for the surface treatment for automatic security exterior aluminum roller shutter doors, we do powder coating, Anodized, electrophoresis, PVDF coating. If the surface treatment is uneven and in different thickness, then the surface will looks bad.

3, Well assembled.  This has very high request for techinicians and protection during assembly.

4, Package. For LCL, we used wooden box for package to prevent the goods from being damaged during shipment. For FCL, we use export carton paper with plastic foam.

In addition, after choosing the right products,  installation and maintenance play a vital role to make the roller shutter doors more beautiful, security and safety.

We are pleased to guide you to choose the right aluminum roller shutter door for your residential, commerical and industrial applications any time, feel free to contact us at www.starkingshutter.com, or call us 0086-20-39010223 or email us at info@starkingshutter.com. We are always at your service.